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How to configure Play.COM in ChannelMAX ?

Step 1:
Authenticate your login credentials in ChannelMAX as below.
a) Open Google Chrome or Fire Fox
b) Login to
c) Click on Legacy (may ask for user name & password again)
d) Navigate to myAccount --> Channels --> Play.COM
e) Input your play login credentials and click on 'Save Channel'.
File:Play authentication.jpg
Please enable play repricer by tick marking following options# in this authenticated page.
Option#2a, 2b and 4e
PS: Enabling option#4e would allow us auto import the information from your account.
File:Play reprice settings.jpg
Step 2:
Please create a repricing model under myInventory --> AMZN Re-Price Rule and name it as "Play-Default" without this being defined, rule#44a will be forced and no price will be fed to Play.Com, will run in report mode only.
You may refer this link
In this newly created Play-Default repricing model, rule#35b may be set to 95% of SKU-Retail, in case you want us calculate Floor based on imported Play price (stored as Retail/Max).
Step 3:
As a next step, you may upload play inventory file via Unified --> File Uploader containing following columns in tab delimited text format.
a). SKU
b). Title
c). Selling Venue
d). MaxSellingPrice
e). MinSellingPrice
PS: Selling Venue column should have value populated as Play.COM.
After clicking on "Analyze this new file" make sure that you click on Option#C "Upload/Update All SKUs in the File" at the bottom of the page.
File:Play file upload.jpg
Step 4:
Once above steps are completed please notify us So that, ChannelMAX admin team would schedule the repricer under myReports --> Process Setups page for


File:Play schedule.jpg
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