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How do I activate my repricer?

When your account is created, by default repricer would run in report mode only as it is for demonstration purpose. You would need to make the repricer live manually by login to your ChannelMAX account as below to feed the prices to Amazon Seller Central automatically.

Open Google Chrome or Fire Fox
Login to
Click on 'Settings -->Inventory--> Repricing Model'
Click Rule#44a Enable to "Yes"

When this rule#44a is changed to Yes, repricer will start feeding the prices from the next reprice process. When we start feeding prices from ChannelMAX to Amazon, an entry named 'RePrice' with status column _DONE_ is displayed in 'Settings-->Processes-->Job Process Log'.


Default Repricing Strategy

After analyzing Amazon Buybox algorithm for years, we have defined the best possible repricing strategy and it's configured under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model'. As a part of this default strategy, your FBA SKUs would match with the lowest FBA competitor and Amazon, maximize Buybox against the nonFBA competitors. This is because being FBA, you have better privilege in winning Buybox at a higher price than nonFBA offers. Therefore, Repricer would dynamically raise your price to keep your prices within Buybox rotation zone.

Similarly, by default, your nonFBA SKUs are repriced 1 cent below Amazon and FBA competitors and match price with the lowest nonFBA competitor. This would help you share Buybox with other Buybox eligible competitors.

If you are selling the same ASIN with an FBA SKU and another nonFBA SKU, Repricer would automatically keep your nonFBA SKU price 1 cent above your own FBA SKU price, so that your FBA SKU gets better exposure for Buybox.

Along with the above settings, as a part of the default setting, Algorithmic Repricer is enabled to help you maximize the Buybox price by incrementally raising the price after a few Repricer cycles till you lose the Buybox and when you lose the Buybox, Repricer would restore your previous Buybox price to steal back Buybox from competitors.

For a major part of your inventory, above strategy should be good enough in gaining the Buybox. However, if you think that some part of your products needs an alternate strategy, you are welcome to change Repricer rule as needed by defining a new Repricing model and then assign desired SKUs to this new model.

If you are currently using Amazon US Repricer and adding a new selling venue, for example, Amazon UK for repricing, you may create a 'Copy' of the Default Repricing model and name this new model as AmazonUK-Default, for repricing differently on the new marketplace. Similarly, you may add Default Repricing models for other new selling venues added.

How to create new repricing model?

Below are the steps to create a new repricing model
a. Open Google Chrome or FireFox
b. Login to
c. Click on 'Settings-->Inventory'
d. Next click 'Repricing Model'
e. Click on 'Copy' to the left of 'Repricing Model List'

File: Copy-Rmodel.jpg

How to assign an SKU to a new repricing model created?

Below are the steps to assign an SKU to a repricing model created.
a. Open Google Chrome or FireFox b. Login to
c. Click on Repricing
d. Search by SKU or ASIN
e. Click on R.Model
f. Choose new R model from the drop down list:
g. Click on "Save"


How to quick update Min/Max prices in Repricing?

You may update min-max prices on Repricing page as pointed below.

Open Google Chrome or Fire Fox
Login to
Click on "Repricing"
1. Search by SKU or ASIN
2. Mouse over Min or Max column and click on pencil symbol
3. Enter new values in desired fields Retail/Max or Cost/Min or Actual Shipping Cost or MAP in Q500 panel
4. Click on Save.


Manual Repricing

Any changes you make on your ChannelMAX account will be reflected in the next new reprice process which is due to run. If your repricer frequency is higher, then you need to wait for few hours for the process to auto run. In this scenario, instead of waiting for the next process to kick in, you may force run the repricer in Repricing page by navigating to Actions-->Force Repricer. When you enable this option, in 2 to 5 mins, the repricer would start repricing your inventory.


Manual Repricing Model

When an account is created, by default, we have Manual repricing model to skip repricing the SKUs assigned to this repricing model. Its created with the intention to skip repricing for a set of SKUs, if needed. If you have any such SKUs that need not be repriced and skipped from repricing, you may assign these SKUs to this "Manual" repricing model by clicking on R.Model on the repricer screen.


Bulk assign SKUs to Manual repricing model

You may bulk assign the SKUs to Manual repricing model. Please upload a tab delimited text file consisting of the following details using 'File Uploader'.

  • SKU
  • SellingVenue
  • RepricingModel (this column should have numeric ID of Manual repricing model)

Floor price setup with Amazon markup

Below is how floor prices could be setup for repricing.

MinimumSellingPrice(aka Min) is the price (excluding shipping) below which the specific SKU will not be repriced.
Procurement cost of an item = $10.00
Cost of handling the item = $2
Expected profit per sale= $2
Let's say the ASIN belongs to electronics, so you will have to pay 8% commission to Amazon
So your MinimumSellingPrice is [$10 + $2 + $2]/0.92 = $14/0.92 = $15.22
Suppose the shipping set on Amazon is $3
If the item sells at $15.22, buyer will pay you total [$15.22 + $3.00] = $18.22
Amazon subtracts the 8% commission of $1.62 and you get [$18.22 - $1.46] = $16.76
now if you subtract the shipping cost of $3.00, you will be left with [$16.76 - $3.00] = $13.76
This $13.76 is 24c below your original calculation of $14.
So it's recommended that instead of dividing by 0.92, you divide $14 by 0.89 (11% commission) = $15.73
Now when the item sells at $15.73, buyer will pay you total [$15.73 + $3.00] = $18.73
Amazon subtracts the 8% commission of $1.46 and you get [$18.73 - $1.46] = $17.27
now if you subtract the shipping cost of $3.00, you will be left with [$17.27 - $3.00] = $14.27
So uploading/updating $15.73 to ChannelMAX as minimum selling price will guarantee you minimum $14.27

Under "Settings-->Repricing--> Repricing Model", it's the rule#35 that determines the floor aka minimum selling price. By default, rule#35 is set at 100% of 'Item SKU Unit Cost' meaning your Minimum Selling Price is same as the floor

In this 2nd form of understanding MinimumSellingPrice is the price (excluding shipping), you leave ChannelMAX calculate Amazon commission.
For example, suppose you procure an item at $10.00, your cost of handling the item is $2, you would like to make $2 profit
So your MinimumSellingPrice is [$10 + $2 + $2] = $14
now you can use ChannelMAX setup under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Category Setup' to appropriately markup required Amazon commission
ChannelMAX repricer will automatically divide the $14.00 by the value input in 'Category Setup' to calculate your floor. For this method to work, you will have to check rule#36(a) and Rule#36(b) in 'Floor/ceiling' tab.


MAP Setting

You may manually add MAP price for your listings in ChannelMAX as shown in this link on your repricer screen.

Or upload a file in tab delimited text format (.txt) with the following 3 columns using 'File Uploader'.

* Selling Venue
How MAP works?

We can feed new price along with MAP price set in ChannelMAX Repricer. As a first step, MAP price should be uploaded to ChannelMAX for the specific SKUs for which MAP is applicable. You may click here to read more on MAP. Once MAP is updated/uploaded to ChannelMAX, you may enable reprice rule#46a, 46b and 46c as needed.

(46a) Feed Map Price

Along with price feed, MAP will also be fed to Amazon. If your MAP is more than the price fed by ChannelMAX, then Amazon will hide the price and potential buyer will have to click on 'AddToCart' button to see the price.

(46b) Map price is my floor price

When this rule is check marked, your price will never be lower than MAP. At no cost, your price will be below your floor. For example, say your MAP is $21.00 and floor is $18.00, with this rule# 46b checked, your price will be never below MAP $21.00, on the other hand, say your MAP is $18.00 and floor is $21.00, with this option checked, your price will be never below your floor $21.00.

(46c) Reprice below MAP if other seller is selling below MAP

Item will never be re-priced below floor price. Please note that if the offer price if less than MAP, Amazon will hide the price in Amazon. You may read this Amazon link for details.


Bulk delete MAP from ChannelMAX

If you want to remove MAP from ChannelMAX, create a file in tab delimited text format with the following columns and upload this file using 'File Uploader'.

  • SKU
  • Selling Venue
  • MAP

Note: MAP column should have value populated as -1 to remove MAP from ChannelMAX.

Time Variant Repricer setup

This time variant repricer setup would help you configure the repricer to reprice to ceiling price during the specified time of the day.

Below are the steps to achieve this requirement:
1) Define 2 new repricing models under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model' as detailed in this link.
2) Next, in 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model' click on new repricing model created(first R model created as per step 1) and then click "Rule#59" tab.
3) Now, configure reprice rule#59 as below:
When to 'Daily' if you want to use it daily or choose the day as appropriate
Start Hr:Min with start time
End Hr:Min with end time
Overriding Repricing Model with the 2nd new repricing model created as per point#1.
P.S: The time value under Start and End Hr:Min should be 24 hours format.
Once you enter all the fields as mentioned above, click on "Save R#59".
4) As a next step, click on the 2nd repricing model name created as per step 1 and then click "Floor/Ceiling" tab, you may set rule#35a to be 100% of SKU Retail/Max as the floor.
5) Finally, assign desired SKUs to apply to this repricing strategy as explained in this link. When you assign the SKUs to a new repricing model, please make sure that it is assigned to the R model in which rule#59 is configured.

File: Selling-Rule59.png File: Selling-Rule59-max.png

Sale Price Setup

If you are running a promotion on Amazon by putting the items "On Sale" then ChannelMAX can feed sale price to your Amazon seller central. For feeding sale price from ChannelMAX to Amazon, we would need a flat file uploaded via 'Fileuploader' with the following columns:

SKU(SKUs which are on sale)
P.S: Dates should be in Month-Date-Year format. Here is a sample file format

When this file is uploaded successfully, you will see this information under each SKU, when it's expanded by clicking on + sign near SKU name and then by clicking on 'Sale Price' tab as shown in this image from our demo account.


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