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Amazon credential in ChannelMAX

When you sign up ChannelMAX using the auto-registration link by clicking on Try 30 Days Free on our website and complete the signup process, your Amazon credentials are saved in your account under the "Settings-->Account--> Selling Venues" section with Repricer option#2(A). Enable Repricer set to Yes. During your sign up, if you choose a CONTINOUS repricing plan, meaning to reprice real time, we need AWS key pairs for your Amazon account. With the help of AWS Keys, we would migrate your repricer to Amazon's latest Subscription API. You may Click here to generate AWS Keys and save them in your account. This real-time repricer schedule would work parallel to the existing schedule.


Inventory Import

Using your Amazon credentials, we auto download your active listings from Amazon seller central with the current Amazon price set under the "Max" column and "Min" (aka floor price) field missing. These auto downloaded listings are displayed under the "Repricing" screen. SKUs without min price will not get repriced.

Manual edit of Min and Max prices in ChannelMAX

a) Login to
b) Click on Repricing
c) Enter Ceiling and floor prices as needed based on your costs under Max column(for ceiling) and Min column(for floor).
d) Click on 'Save' icon to apply changes for all SKUs.


Repricer setup

As a part of the default repricer strategy, algorithmic repricing is enabled. In Algorithmic repricing, ChannelMAX automatically tries to maximize your price against nonFBA competitors and then tries to lower your price to help get buy box. The default strategy for your FBA SKUs is to match the price with the lowest FBA competitors and Amazon. For your nonFBA SKUs, repricer would lower your price by 1 cent against FBA competitors and Amazon and match price with the lowest nonFBA competitor. If you are selling the same ASIN with one FBA and another nonFBA SKU, repricer would automatically keep your nonFBA SKU price 1 cent above your own FBA SKU price, so that your FBA SKU gets better exposure for buy box.

How to activate the Repricer?

By default, Repricer would be running in report mode only as it is for a demonstration purpose. You may navigate to Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model and set rule#44a Enable to Yes to auto feed prices to Amazon Seller Central as per the Repricer frequency selected at the time of registration. This Repricer frequency is displayed under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Schedules' page.


How to check if the Repricer is running normal?

Once the Repricer is made live by setting reprice rule#44a Enable to Yes under Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model, you may view the entries under Settings-->Repricing-->Feed Status with records _DONE_ under Status column for the number of SKUs repriced.


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