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What is bundle ?
Suppose you sell "Camera with battery" with SKU-100. In you warehouse, you stock Camera separately and Battery separately. When this SKU sells, you need to put two separate things in the shipment. Camera (SKU-102) and Battery (SKU-101). Hence SKU-100 is called the Bundle SKU or Kit SKU and SKU-101 and SKU-102 are part of this bundle aka kit
The screenshot illustrates it ..


A) You may upload a file to ChannelMAX with the following columns
BundleSKU(in this case SKU100)
SKU(in this case SKU101 and SKU102)
B) Inventory Management
Say for every camera, there are two batteries needed, and there are 3 batteries left in warehouse along with 2 cameras, then only 1 quantity of SKU-100 could be launched to Amazon/EBay.
C) Order
When order for SKU-100 is received, then order is extracted with two line items: SKU-101 and SKU-102
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