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File Structure

First of all ChannelMAX only accepts tab delimited text file (.txt) and basic file for repricer will contain the following columns

SellingVenue value should be AmazonUS or AmazonUK or AmazonDE or Buy.COM etc..

How to upload a file to ChannelMAX

Once you have the file read, please do the following steps to upload the file to ChannelMAX

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Login to
  • Click on "Inventory" menu and then click "File Uploader"
  1. Click on "Analyze New File" tab
  2. Select the .txt file that you have ready on your computer and click on "Open"
  3. Click on "Upload File Content To ChannelMAX"

When the file is uploaded, details can be verified using "Repricing" screen.




ChannelMAX File Upload Template

You may also check ChannelMAX File Upload Template

Below are the list of columns allowed on File Uploader:

Sl. no Column Headers Type Instructions
1. SKU Text           Your Amazon Merchant SKU
2. ASIN Text           ASIN associated with the SKU
3. MinSellingPrice Numeric        Minimum allowed price for repricing
4. MaxSellingPrice Numeric        Maximum allowed price for repricing
5. Purchase Cost Numeric        Procurement Cost of the item
6. Quantity Numeric        Stock level
7. ActualShippingCost Numeric        Shipping Cost Incurred to fetch the products from Manufacturer/Supplier
8. Unit Cost Numeric        Minimum cost of the product
9. Retail Numeric        Maximum cost of the product
10. Manufacturer Text Name of the manufacturer
11. MAP Numeric Minimum Advertized Price of the product
12. RepricingModelID Numeric        Numeric ID of the repricing model as displayed on Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model
13. Inventory ProfileID Numeric        Numeric ID of the inventory profile as displayed on Settings-->Inventory-->Inventory Profile
14. LeadTimeToShip  Numeric Shipping & handling time of the SKUs on Amazon
15. Amazon Category Text or Numeric   Must match back to Amazon CategoryID
16. MyTitle Text Name of the product
17. Condition Text   Item condition - New or Used
18. RelatedASINs Alphanumeric Related ASINs of the items you are selling
19. UPC Numeric Universal Product Code of the SKU
20. EAN Numeric European Article Number of the SKU
21. FolderID Numeric Numeric ID of the folder as displayed on Settings-->Inventory-->Folders/Labels page
22. Weight Numeric Weight in ounce or kilograms
23. SupplierID Numeric Must be already present in ChannelMAX 
24. ProductModel Alphanumeric As per the model product model info provided by the manufacturer
25. BrandName Text Brand name of the product
26. SupplierPartNumber Alphanumeric Vendor/Supplier part number 
27. MPN Alphanumeric Manufacturer part number 
28. MasterSKU Text/Numeric MasterSKU name [nonsellable SKU]
29. Detach Text This column should have value Y to detach the SKU or  N to ignore
30. Child SKU Text Name of the SKU to be associated with the Master SKU
31. SalePrice Numeric Sale price or the discounted price to be displayed on Amazon
32. SaleStartDate Numeric Sale Start Date, should be in MM-DD-YY format
33. SaleEndDate Numeric Sale End Date, should be in MM-DD-YY format
34. MerchantPrime Text Should have value Y to mark as merchant prime and value N to set an SKU as NOT Prime
35. MasterSKUControlsInv Text Should have value Y to control the quantity of masterSKU and N to ignore
36. SellingVenue Text   Value should be AmazonUS or AmazonUK or AmazonDE  etc
37. Image1 URL Image URLs,upto 5 image urls could be uploaded for an SKU
38. Image2 URL Image URLs,upto 5 image urls could be uploaded for an SKU
39. Image3 URL Image URLs,upto 5 image urls could be uploaded for an SKU
40. Image4 URL Image URLs,upto 5 image urls could be uploaded for an SKU
41. Image5 URL Image URLs,upto 5 image urls could be uploaded for an SKU

How to do partial upload

You may click here to read more about ChannelMAX 'File Uploader' function.

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