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What is ChannelMAX DropShip Management

ChannelMAX offers a unique capability to manage dropship inventory in Amazon in a very automated way. For Amazon, you are required to authenticate and then use 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship' to save FTP login credentials under appropriate Dropship companies.

Which DropShip Companies are supported by ChannelMAX

  1. CompGallery
  2. CWR
  3. IngramMicro
  4. IngramMicro-DBL
  5. DnH
  6. DrBott
  7. DSDI
  8. GSProd (Green Supply)
  9. IFS-Sports Station
  10. Moteng
  11. Navarre
  12. Petra
  13. RAX
  14. RSR
  15. SED
  16. TeleDynamics
  17. Wynit
  18. XsDepot


Under 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship' in the desired dropship setup page you can set your inventory buffer, meaning what value should be subtracted while feeding quantity to Amazon. We will try downloading the latest inventory report directly from dropship company either via FTP (as in DnH) or via url as the case for DBL-IngramMicro, and feed the quantity downloaded minus the buffer quantity.

Pricing Management

Under 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship', you can setup your pricing formula, meaning how your minimum selling price should be calculated based on you purchase price from dropship company. We will try downloading the latest price report directly from dropship company either via FTP (as in DnH) or via url as the case for DBL-IngramMicro, and feed the update the price change back to Amazon.

File:Selling-dropship-minformula.png File:Selling-dropship-maxformula.png

How to include Amazon commission in the price calculation ?

Using 'Settings-->Repricing-->Category Setup', you can assign mark up by category.

Dynamic Floor calculation - Example

  • For items that cost more than $99, I want floor price marked up by $1 from supplier price
  • For items that cost less than or equal to $99, I want floor price is marked up by $2 from supplier price
Here is the code
if (@SupplierPrice@ > 99)
@CalculatedPrice@ = @SupplierPrice@ + 1.00;
@CalculatedPrice@ = @SupplierPrice@ + 3.00;

Can I set a specific floor price for one SKU ?


Can I set a specific floor price for one SKU now that I am a dropship account?


Sorry, for DropShip items setting floor at SKU level is not possible at this time.

Can I set shipping charge by SKU?


Can I set shipping charge by SKU?


You may use Amazon shipping override to set specific shipping by SKU

How do I upload custom values for my drop ship items?

You need to create a tab-delimited text file containing the following columns (the DropShipSource and SKU are mandatory) as follows and save as a tab-delimited text (.txt) file.

  1. DropShipSource (required) valid values:
  1. SKU (required)
  2. ActualShippingCost (optional)
  3. MAP (optional)
  4. RepricingModelID (optional)
  5. InventoryProfile (optional)
  6. WeightInOz (optional)
  7. LeadTimeToShip (optional)

Then upload this tab-delimited text file (.txt) ChannelMAX. Here are the steps:

Click on CMAXAOne
Login using ChannelMAX userID and password
Once logged in, please click on 'Inventory-->File Uploader'
click on 'Analyze this file'
select the file saved on your computer.
next click on 'Upload File Contents to ChannelMAX'

Buy.COM DropShip Inventory Integration


Can ChannelMAX auto synchronize DropDhip quantity with Buy.COM marketplace?

Answer YES

As of Jan 3, 2011, ChannelMAX can auto synchronize DropShip quantity with Buy.COM marketplace. Since at present, unlike Amazon, Buy.COM will not let sellers upload a partial file, ChannelMAX makes use of Buy.COM listing report file, reads it, updates the quantity from dropship database and reuploads the listing export back to Buy.COM. However, there are few steps that sellers will have to follow in ChannelMAX

  1. 'Settings-->Selling Venues', click on 'Buy.COM' and input all the information along with FTP info as obtained from Buy.COM. Please note that Buy.COM FTP URL is always
  2. Secondly, you need to download your Buy.COM open listing report, compress it as [channelmax-login-name] and upload to your own FTP location.
  3. Thirdly, in 'Settings-->Account--> Dropship', click on 'My Own FTP' and input your own FTP detail in section-5 and click on 'Save'.
  4. PS: If you want to stop Buy.COM integration with drop shipped items, either rename the Buy.COM listing export file to FTP or remove it.

Finally, ChannelMAX administrator will set up the auto quantity synchronization, generally twice a day.

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