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How to configure Ebay repricer in ChannelMAX ?

Step 1:
Authenticate your ebay login credentials in ChannelMAX as below.
a) Open Google Chrome or Fire Fox
b) Login to
c) Click on "Settings"
d) Navigate to 'Selling Venue -->Ebay United States'
e) Click on "Authenticate Ebay" and complete the authentication steps
f) Then click on 'Save Selling Venue'.
File:Settings-Ebay US-Authentication.jpg
Please enable play repricer by tick marking following options# in this authenticated page.
Option#2a, 2b and 4e
PS: Enabling option#4e would allow us to auto import the Catalog IDs from your Ebay account for which you have assigned "Custom Label".
Step 2:
Please create a repricing model under 'Settings --> Repricing Model' and name it as venue specific "EbayUS-Default" or global "Ebay-Default" without this being defined, rule#44a will be forced and no price will be fed to, will run in report mode only.
You may refer this link
In this newly created Ebay default repricing model, rule#35b may be set to 95% of SKU-Retail, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on blue color floppy disk icon near "Update This Rule" button if you want us calculate Floor based on imported Ebay price (stored as Retail/Max).
Step 3:
As a next step, you may upload ebay inventory file via Unified --> File Uploader containing following columns in tab delimited text format.
a). SKU
b). Title
c). Selling Venue
d). MaxSellingPrice
e). MinSellingPrice
PS: Selling Venue column should have value populated as EbayUS.
After clicking on "Analyze this new file" make sure that you click on Option#C "Upload/Update All SKUs in the File" at the bottom of the page.
File:Ebay file upload.jpg
Step 4:
Once above steps are completed please notify us So that, ChannelMAX admin team would schedule the repricer under myReports --> Process Setups page for Ebay US.


File:Ebay schedule.jpg
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