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How to generate Amazon MWS Auth token

From September 05 2016, for new registration into ChannelMAX, you will be required to get MWS authorization token from Amazon MWS and input into ChannelMAX. ChannelMAX uses these to connect to your Amazon Seller Central. Please note that for existing ChannelMAX accounts, no change is needed, its only for seller who join ChannelMAX after September 05 2016. Please refer to the following steps to obtain MWS Authorisation token and then input into ChannelMAX under "Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues". Here are the steps to obtain MWS Auth token:
Step 1 of 5

First please make sure that you have signed-out from Amazon Seller Central. Then please login to your Amazon Seller Central of your choice, such as Amazon USA, Amazon Europe, Amazon CA etc. Within SellerCentral, go to Settings-->User Permissions. Under Manage your apps, click on 'Authorise new developer'.


Step 2 of 5

In the new panel, input Developer Name as ChannelMAX, and DeveloperID, select from the list below and then click on Next button.

Amazon USA DeveloperID 6926-3221-1435
Amazon Canada DeveloperID 6926-3221-1435
Amazon Europe DeveloperID 0213-9363-5379
Amazon Japan DeveloperID 2187-4016-8722
Amazon India DeveloperID 764214319569
Amazon Australia DeveloperID 837142610163


Step 3 of 5

Accept the terms and conditions and click on Next button.



Step 4 of 5

Please copy the 'Seller ID' (aka MerchantID) and 'MWS Authorisation Token'. You will need these two values in Step-5.



Step 5 of 5 (For New Registration)

Paste the 'Seller ID' and 'Amazon Auth Token' into ChannelMAX. This completes section-1 of ChannelMAX member registration page. Complete section-2 and click on 'Register and email me the password'.



Step 5b of 5 (For Existing ChannelMAX Accounts)
When you add a new Selling Venue in your existing ChannelMAX account, please input your Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token in Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues, Click on the desired Venue and then click "Save Selling Venue".


Getting MWS keys for Amazon India, China and Australia

Please Click here to obtain MWS Key pairs for Amazon India, China and Australia.

What is Amazon MWS Subscription API and SQS?

Amazon MWS Subscription API released in the month of August 2013 to provide the sellers ability to reprice the items more rapidly than the older 'Products API'. This is useful for many of you who use the automated repricers as this new feature works based on the SQS(Simple Queue Service) triggers received within the lowest 20 offers for each item repriced.
New Subscription API would provide you the ways to filter your repricing strategies with quick efficacy as the market moves. Hence, you can make use of features like detecting the competitors as Featured or non-Featured (which was the main drawback of Products API) or ignore the competitors, reprice based on your position in offer listing page (or of the competitor) etc.
As the name suggests this new API is available at subscription from Amazon, and is not free for you. You will have to create an account with, input your credit card details, and enable SQS under 'AWS Management Console' to subscribe to this feature. Depending on the number of active SKUs repriced, Amazon may charge a fee upto $25 a month. Generally for the SKUs count less than 10,000, it's free. Actual cost of this service depends on the number of XML triggers received per month.
How to Setup Amazon MWS Subscription API and SQS
You may refer the following steps to setup Amazon MWS Subscription API and SQS.
1) Open a browser such as Google Chrome and type in, and login using your Amazon Seller Central "main" login email and password, employee login will not work. Please refer to the screenshot AWS_Home_Page.
2) Now fill in your contact information as shown under AWS_Contact_Info_Page image attached.
3) Next input your Credit Card details under Services-->Payment Methods as per the image AWS_Payment_Methods.
4) Now, under Services-->Your Security Credentials-->Access Keys as shown in AWS_Security Credentials, AWS_Security Credentials_Create_Access_Key and 'AWS_Security Credentials_Display_Access_Key.
5) Then, click on "Simple Queue Services" under "Services" as shown in screenshot AWS_Enable_SQS.
6) As a next step, complete your identity verification by entering your phone number and click on "Continue" with the "Basic" plan as per the screenshots shown under AWS_Identity_Verification, AWS_Identity_Verification_Phone, AWS_Identity_Confirmation, AWS_Support_Basic_Plan.
7) Finally, AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Access Key obtained, should be saved in ChannelMAX under "Settings --> Selling Venues --> Amazon USA" (Section -1) or any other appropriate Amazon Channel and click on "Save AWS Settings". Now, when clicked on Click to Validate Connection, we will get a blue color message that Connection Validated with MsgCount 0 as shown in the screenshot CMAX_SQS_Validation.
8) Once the keys saved in ChannelMAX are valid, please contact us via support ticket or email us to for migrating the repricer to new API. When repricer is migrated to new API, "SQS(a).Amazon SQS" option is check marked and we will notice message count when clicked on Click to Validate Connection as shown under SQS_Complete screen.






AWS_Security Credentials


AWS_Security Credentials_Create_Access_Key


AWS_Security Credentials_Display_Access_Key















SQS Error : The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service

If you get the error "The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service", that means that you have successfully logged to "" and "successfully obtained the KeyID and SecretKey", however you have not yet signed up for Amazon SQS (basic service) ..

You should click on 'Management Console', click on SQS, and enable "Basic Service" .. Then you also must input credit card into Generally for upto 10K SKUs, there is no charge, however how higher active SKU count, there may be a fee of $5 a month or so.




Amazon Authentication process(Deprecated)

How to generate MWS Key pairs (Deprecated)

Error Email: ACTION REQUIRED - Your Software Application Authorization Is About to Expire

If you are receiving Amazon alert stated above, please do the following step to renew MWS Authorization.

Log in to your Amazon seller central
Then navigate to Settings > User Permissions
In the User Permissions page, scroll down to find the section called Amazon MWS Developer Permissions and check the Current Authorizations.
Here will find an entry for ChannelMAX with developer ID. Please click on renew option (if available).
P.S: Please be very careful NOT to click on Revoke, reinstating takes few days.
Below is the list of ChannelMAX Developer Account IDs:
Amazon USA/CA: 6926-3221-1435
Amazon Europe: 0213-9363-5379
Amazon Japan: 0213-9363-5379
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