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Which sites are supported for pricing management ?

The following sites are supported :

  1. Amazon USA
  2. Amazon UK
  3. Amazon Germany
  4. Amazon France
  5. Amazon Canada
  6. Amazon Japan
  7. Amazon Italy
  8. Amazon Spain
  9. Amazon China
  10. Amazon India
  11. Buy.COM
  12. Play.COM
  13. Ebay US
  14. WalmartUS

AWS Credentials Required for Amazon repricing

Please read this Amazon notification with regards to re-pricing and take action immediately as outlined: Amazon API Update July 2010, because of Amazon policy change dated July 2010, you are required to input your Amazon AWS "Access Key ID" and "Secret Key" into ChannelMAX for Amazon repricing to continue. Amazon will be then tie these two values to your Amazon seller account and depending your sales volume in Amazon, your re-pricing frequency capability will change. Currently re-pricer is using ChannelMAX default AWS pair, Amazon will not allow this any more effective Oct 15 2010. Please read more detail at

Why do you receive email with subject line "_GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_"

Under "Repricing", we have a column named "Sold". This column displays total quantity sold for last 7 days and last 30 days. We pull this report every couple of hours from Amazon and store order count by day. There is no other purpose of downloading this report. With this information, you would be able to easily differentiate your slow-moving SKUs from fast moving SKUs. There is absolutely no harm with us downloading the report and would not impact your account in any way.

You may refer the image below.




Reprice Rule Specific questions

For all specifics regarding Reprice Rule, please view this link

Getting Started With Repricer

How MinimumSellingPrice or Floor is defined for Repricing ?

Please see FloorCalculation

Assign SKUs specific repricing model


How can I have specific skus to apply to the new rule ? For example, I would like to have all my headphones $5 below other competition but other products, I would like to keep it 1c below. Is this something possible?


Yes .. You assign specific repricing model to the SKUs you desire. Here is how

(a) File Upload: In the file, add a column called "RepricingModelID" and put the ID value(numeric) from 'Repricing Model' in this column and upload. This is the preferred approach as you can do mass update.

(b) Or you can edit the SKU using "Repricing" and change the repricing model assigned. You may check the ChannelMAX file upload template Here you may also download the ChannelMAX file upload template from this link

If you need to create a new rule
  1. Click on "Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model'
  2. Click on 'Copy' to the left of 'Repricing Model List'
  3. Change the name and attributes as desired.

Connecting to Amazon Canada

Q) I have a seller central account in Canada. But exact same setting as for my US account in ChannelMAX results in connection failure. What should I do?


Please get new set of MWS Access Keys as instructed in this wiki link and then input the credentials under 'Settings--> Account--> Selling Venues ---> Amazon Canada'.
Then, ensure that option#2(A) Enable Repricer is set to "Yes".

How to schedule the Repricer

Once your account is validated and inventory file is uploaded to ChannelMAX, you may create the schedule under "Schedules" so that a comprehensive report is created for you to analyze. If you are okay with the report, you may choose to go live. Please follow these instructions to schedule your Repricer in your ChannelMAX account.

  1. Open Google Chrome or FireFox
  2. Click on "Settings-->Repricing-->Schedules"
  3. Click on 'Create New Schedule' at top right,
  4. Create a schedule that will look like in the below screenshot.
  5. Once you schedule it, please give 3 to 5 mins for the schedule to kick off.
  6. Once schedule kicks off, in 'Schedules', the "Last Run At" will be populated with the time stamp.

File:Repricing - Schedules.png


Same Item: Multiple ASINs

Q) l have overcome another problem on Amazon. There seems to be more than one ASIN for the same product on Amazon. Is there a way l can reprice against that ASIN as well as my own ASIN?

For example: Chantelle Duvet Cover Set, Cream/Gold, Double

Ans: You may refer to this help link to set up the Repricer.

Data feed to ChannelMAX using FTP

Q) I have an internal database system. I want to feed the data required for repricing to ChannelMAX via an FTP. How can I do that ?

Answer: Sure you can. First of all you will need to have an FTP of your own

Create a file called <channelmaxloginid>_ftp_channelmax.txt and put in the FTP
Say your login name is demo1000, then the file name will be demo1000_ftp_channelmax.txt
The file should contain the following columns and must be tab delimited text file
Please refer to the file layout as seen in this link
Then login to
Click on "Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP"
Input your FTP information under "Inventory Download Information" along with "File Name to Download".
Click on "Save"


As a next step, ChannelMAX administrator will schedule the FTP pull.
You may note that if managing inventory files using file managers, such as dropbox, you may post the your min/max data in 'Feed URL' section of 'Inventory Download Info' to process the files.

Data feed to ChannelMAX with multiple files using FTP

We may now be able to process multiple files posted in your FTP and import Min/Max values to CMAX inventory as an alternate option to Inventory--> File Uploader.
Please create a file containing following columns, save it in tab delimited text format with name "cmax[CMAX login name]-ftp-reprice-us[SellingVenue]-1.txt".
1. SKU
2. FBA
3. Sellingvenue
5. MinSellingPrice
6. MaxSellingPrice
7. Quantity
8. Repricingmodel
9. MAP
10. Purchaseprice
11. Leadtimetoship
12. UPC
13. EAN
14. Weight
15. Productname
PS: Column headers should NOT be removed if values are blank.
As a next step, please navigate to Section 2 of "DropShip --> My Own FTP" (in 'Settings--Account') and input file names separated by a comma in the text box provided for "File Name To Download" along with FTP login credentials, click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.
You may refer the image below.


Note1: In this page,"Purge and replace ChannelMAX with every FTP file feed" should NOT be set to Yes on top of the page. Setting the Purge option to "Yes" would process only the SKUs present in the files and not complete inventory on your repricer.
Note2: If you want to whitelist the IP address, you may use an inbound rule to allow the IP on Port number 21.

How to process unlimited number of files from FTP as (File Uploader - replacement)

ChannelMAX can process any number of files posted in your FTP and import the Min/Max values to ChannelMAX inventory. The files you post in your FTP should be in the following format.
channelmax_[CMAX login name]_ftp_[Date and time].txt.
If CMAX login name is demo001, then the file name should be with login name and current date that is, channelmax_demo001_ftp_20131026123400.txt
In 'Selling-->Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP' section 2 'Inventory Download Information ', we would need to modify the file name as channelmax_demo001_ftp*.txt. This would enable the system to process any number of files posted in your FTP.
Uploading file should contain the following columns. If there is no value to be updated, then corresponding columns should be kept empty and the column headers should not be deleted from the file.
1. SKU
2. FBA
3. Sellingvenue
5. MinSellingPrice
6. MaxSellingPrice
7. Quantity
8. Repricingmodel
9. MAP
10. Purchaseprice
11. Leadtimetoship
12. UPC
13. EAN
14. Weight
15. Productname



BuyBox Explanation: Amazon


Can I download ChannelMAX reprice report to Excel  ?

After each Repricer is complete, ChannelMAX creates a tab-delimited report and keep it on the web server so that you can download anytime. You may refer the following steps to download and open the report:

Open Google Chrome or FireFox (not IE)
Login to
Click on 'Settings-->Repricing-->RunLogs'
Click on the 'R' link, its the 4th column from right on the grid
Once clicked, it will download a file with extension .7z, save it to a location in your computer.
The file name will be something like nnnn-loginname-RepriceReport-Pnnnn-Snnnnnnn.7z


Download and install 7-zip from (download the exe version)
Now right click on the 7-zip file that you downloaded from ChannelMAX
Choose 'Extract Here' or 'Extract To `folder-name`'
Once extracted, you can open the resultant text (.txt) file using Excel
Since the number of columns is much more than Excel supports, you will get a warning while opening, ignore the warning.

Once you install 7-zip, if you right click on the file, you will see the option to extract the file. Please see this screen shot




I want the file with only those SKUs that had price changed (FTP)

If you want to download only the file with SKUs that went thru price change, you need to download the reprice file from ChannelMAX, Settings-->Repricing-->Schedules. You may also have this file FTPed to you. The link will look like this -->[Loginid]/[Loginid]-[Loginname]-RepriceReport-P[PSID].7z




Assigning different repricing model for different SKUs

Q) What about having specific repricing parameter for only one SKU. Is it possible to customize the pricing of an SKU within a repricing rule? So for example, SKU #1 is part of a repricing model that drops the price by .01 for all products. But for this sku#1, I would like to set that it reprices at 5% below the competition. Is there a way that I can put custom parameters for a particular sku in the Repricer?

Answer. Yes.
This can be done. Here is how
Click on 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model'
Click on 'Copy' to the left of 'Repricing Model List'.
Once saved, this new rule will be displayed in the top left grid.
Click on the new rule.
Change other parameters as required
Now you can upload the repricing model ID using the file for specific SKU.
Please look at this link for how to upload the file.

I want customized reprice report, can I ? Is FTP option available ?

Sure you can ... Please see these three demo custom report formats.

Demo Custom Report-1

Create the file as tab delimited text file using the column headings and appropriate macros as in the demo files. If you want to download your already uploaded file, please see this link

Give this text file a unique name, say "cmaxrepricereportmodel-demo-1.txt"
Login to ' --> Inventory-->File Uploader'
Click on 'Analyze this new file'
Please don't click on any other place.
As a next step, please configure your FTP login credentials in ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP' Section 2 Inventory Download Information. In this page, we need the following details:
Host Folder(if available)
Port Number(value will be 21 normally)


a) Then, click on 'Settings-->Account'
b) Click on appropriate Amazon selling venue under 'Selling Venues'.
c) Input this file name in option#2F under heading "If you need specially formatted Repricer output file sent to you via FTP" and click on 'Save Repricer Settings'

Note that instead of uploading macro file using 'File Uploader' screen(as informed in Step-3), you may upload the macro file to your FTP root directory without making any changes to the file structure. If you upload macro file to your FTP account, option#2F referred in Step-5 should consist of the file name, prefixed with 'FTP:', meaning file name should be 'FTP:cmaxrepricereportmodel-demo001.txt'. If the macro file is uploaded via 'File Uploader' screen, then the option#2F value should be 'cmaxrepricereportmodel-demo001.txt'(without quotation symbol).


When the above setup is completed, you will see a file name ending with "Custom.txt" in your FTP account consisting of the column values.
After every repricer is complete, the report will be generated at this link (7-zip compressed)[ChannelMAXLoginName]/[CMaxUserID]-[ChannelMAXLoginName]-RepriceReport-P[nnnn]-Custom.7z

How to receive Customized file with only few columns

  • When you create a file as per Step -1 in the above link,[[1]] you would get an output file containing all columns in it like, SKU, ASIN, myTot, upto 10 competitor information like competitor prices, competitor shipping, Competitor merchant type etc.. which at times you may not require.
  • Hence, we have further customized this process which would provide you very limited columns like SKU, ASIN, myPrice, myShipping.
  • To receive output file with these few columns, you need to add an additional column SellerID1 with macro [#SELLERNAME1#] in the file created as per Step-1.
Step-7 (Macros)

These are the macros that are available...(as on 2020-05-19)

A. Item-Specific Info:
  4. [#USERID#]
  5. [#LOGINNAME#]
  6. [#SITEID#]
  9. [#MYRETAIL#]
  10. [#UNITCOST#]
  13. [#MAP#]
  14. [#CEILING#]
  15. [#FLOOR#]
  16. [#SKU#]
  17. [#CONDITION#]
  18. [#ASIN#]
  19. [#ITEMID#]
  20. [#TITLE#]
  21. [#PRODUCTGROUP#] }
  23. [#SALESRANK#]
  24. [#BUYERID#]
  25. [#UPC#]
  26. [#EAN#]
  27. [#MFG#]
  28. [#MPN#]
  29. [#MODEL#]
  30. [#BUYCOMSKU#]
  31. [#WEIGHT#]
  36. [#FNSKU#]
  37. [#MYPRICE#]
  38. [#MYSHIPPING#]
  39. [#MYTOTAL#]
  46. [#TICK#]
  48. [#CURRNOTCH#]
  49. [#NEWNOTCH#]
  50. [#BBOXPOSN#]
  52. [#IAMFBA#]
  53. [#MYFBAPRICE#]
  54. [#QUANTITY#]
  55. [#QTYINSTOCK#]
  59. [#MYINFO#]
  66. [#TRACEROUTE#]
  68. [#LISTPRICE#]
  72. [#CMAXRUNID#]


B. Seller-Specific Info: By adding this macro [#SELLERINFO#], we can provide the following seller-specific information in the file.

  1. [#SELLERNAME1#]
  2. [#SELLERID#]
  9. [#ITEMSUBCONDITION#] -- For used items
  10. [#SELLERFEEDBACK#] -- For used items



Seller who is featured for the specific ASIN.


Seller who is featured for the specific ASIN and also has the listing being sold FBA


Seller who is featured for the specific ASIN, has the listing being sold FBA and sellers has BuyBox on that listing.


Non-Featured Seller


Non-Featured Seller but has the listing as FBA.
  1. ASIN
  2. FBA
  3. SKU
  4. Featured/Regular
  5. BuyBox
  6. Sales Rank
  7. Product Review
  8. TotalPrice (Price + Shipping), which is what is sorted by
  9. UPC (Universal Product Code)
  10. EAN (UPC, european version)
  11. MAP, (definition)
  12. Add2Cart Price (why in Amazon), in a nutshell, if the offer price is less than the MAP (minimum advertized price) as suggested by Manufacturer, then the price is hidden,

example ASIN

  1. Cost
  2. Floor
  3. Retail
  4. Ceiling
  5. PurchasePrice aka ProcurementPrice
  6. LeadTimeToShip (Once order is received by the seller, how much time the seller take to ship the item out of his/her warehouse)
  7. Amazon category
  8. StockLevel (quantity available sale)
  9. FeedbackRating (See Feedback Rating for a seller in Amazon)
  10. Amazon MWS (Read More Here)
  11. Amazon AWS Keys (Read More Here)
  12. Amazon PAA read more here

How can I check if my Repricer is running

There are few steps you can take to check repricing:


  1. Login to
  2. Click on 'Settings-->Repricing'
  3. Click on 'Schedules' and see whether the Repricer schedule is in 'Active' status or not.(P:S: You should not change any schedule without prior discussion with ChannelMAX).
  4. Click on 'Run Logs'.. it will show you the log of when the scheduled processes started and ended and how many SKUs are impacted. Specifically look for 'RE-PRICE'. This confirms if Repricer is running.


Check the connection to Amazon under 'Settings--> Feed Status'.
  1. If there are entries, the 'Status' column should say _DONE_.
  2. If there are no entries, it means that your Repricer is running in report mode.
  3. The timestamp shows when the data was fed to the selling venue (such as Amazon)... Please note that this time will be after the start time as found in 'Run Logs'
  4. We feed to Amazon after every 5K SKUs are processed, so if you have 10K SKUs being processed, you will see two entries.

Please see this link how to disable report mode

ChannelMAX Is feeding the price, status show _DONE_, but price is not updated in Amazon ?

Please make sure SKU in ChannelMAX, match back to that of Amazon.

Does ChannelMAX offer repricing for FBA items ?

Yes .. ChannelMAX supports FBA items. We get merchant status of the SKUs directly from Amazon, FBA or nonFBA. Hence, there is no need to manually mark an SKU as FBA or nonFBA.

You upload the ChannelMAX file upload template here

FBA and merchant fulfilled for the same ASIN ?


We sell both on FBA and regular merchant fulfilled items. We want two different sets of rules: one for our FBA items and one for our merchant fulfilled items. We want our FBA items to only match the other sellers' item price and not beat it. However, we still want our merchant fulfilled items to beat it. How this can be done ?


You will have to define two separate repricing models 'Repricing Model' in 'Settings', one for FBA and another for non-FBA. In the one for FBA, you need to configure 'Home' tab to match price with competitor for your FBA SKUs and for the non-FBA, modify the rules to lower by as needed.

How to force run the repricer manually?

Any changes you make on your ChannelMAX account will be reflected in the next new reprice process which is due to run. If your repricer frequency is higher, then you need to wait for few hours for the process to auto run. In this scenario, instead of waiting for the next process to kick in, you may force run the repricer in 'Repricing' page by navigating to Actions-->Force Repricer. When you enable this option, in 2 to 5 mins, the repricer would start repricing your inventory.




How do I find the files that I already uploaded to ChannelMAX?

You can download the files that you already uploaded to ChannelMAX. Please do this

  • Login to
  • Click on 'Inventory-->File Uploader--> Recently Uploaded Files tab'
  • Select the file that you want to download from the drop-down list by clicking on 'Analyze this already uploaded file'
  • Click on 'Download' link in the center top of the screen
You may refer to this attached screenshot

File:File Uploader.png


Amazon SKU Pattern requirement

For feeding to Amazon, SKU must not contain ampersand "&" in it.

Can ChannelMAX help me find Amazon categories for ASINs ?


Do you know how we can find out the category for a list of ASIN's? We need to know the categories for all the ASIN's we sell so that we can produce the max/min prices.


Since Amazon charges different commission by different category, this is an excellent question. You can simply upload your SKU list (along with ASIN, Price and Quantity) in ChannelMAX and let ChannelMAX repricer process those SKUs. The resultant reprice report will show you the categories.Amazon can be found at this page

How to add additional selling venues for repricing ?

Additional selling venues for repricing

If you are currently using ChannelMAX repricer for one of the selling venues: Amazon US or Amazon UK or Amazon DE or Amazon FR or Amazon CA or Amazon JP, and now you want to use ChannelMAX for additional Amazon accounts, what needs to be done ?


For pricing management, since the MaxSellingPrice and MinSellingPrice will vary by selling venue, you will need to maintain separate min/max by selling venues. You may refer to this link to add new selling venues for repricing.

How to reprice very large inventory ? FTP


I have a very large inventory that will easily grow more than 50K. How will ChannelMAX handle its repricing ?


If that is the case, then ChannelMAX offers special option whereby you can feed your data to ChannelMAX via FTP. You must break up your data in to tab delimited text files containing no more than 30K or 40K in each file. Then names the files should follow the pattern:

If your channelmax login id is demo001, then file name will be demo001_ftp_channelmax-1.txt and so on.

Then you need to upload your file to your FTP. Here is the file layout .. Please make sure that you delete no column, even if no values, all column must be intact in this order

  1. SKU (mandatory)
  2. ASIN (mandatory)
  3. MinimumSellingPrice (mandatory)
  4. RepricingModelID (optional)
  5. MaximumSellingPrice (mandatory)
  6. MAP (optional)
  7. Condition (optional)
  8. ActualShippingCost (optional)
  9. FBA (required Y or N)


SKU and ASIN is in ChannelMAX Inventory, but not repricing .. why ?

Just having the SKU/ASIN in ChannelMAX does not guarantee that the item will reprice. These are the some of the most common reason why the SKU/ASIN may not reprice

  1. The quantity in ChannelMAX is not greater than zero. ChannelMAX only picks SKUs with +ve qty for re-pricing
  2. The SKU may be in 'Trash' folder
  3. The repricing model ID associated has rule#44(a) is set to NO (meaning report mode)
  4. The repricing model ID associated has rule#35 is set to 100% of 'Item Unit Cost', whereas the 'Cost' itself is missing on Repricing page.

How to open text file without losing leading zeroes

If you have tab delimited text file and open using Excel directly clicking on it, you will lose the leading zeroes. You can avoid losing leading zeroes by opening the Excel file first (empty) and then use 'File --> Open' File:Excel-Open-TextFile-WithLeadingZeroes.png

FBA SKUs and ChannelMAX


If I now have a listing in the channelmax system, but I change my corresponding Amazon listing to FBA, does the repricer keep working normally for that listing? Or do I need to modify my channelmax listing in any way because my Amazon listing has changed to FBA?


Yes. Repricer would auto detect your merchant status in repricing. No manual change needed from your end.

How to stop repricing an item ?


How to block an SKU from re-pricing ?


There are many ways to block an SKU from re-pricing

a) You may make the quantity to zero. Repricer does not pick SKUs with zero quantity.
b) You may make MaxSellingPrice (aka Retail) and MinSellingPrice (UnitCost) same. Then re-pricer will keep the price at the same value.
c) The option that we recommend is that you create a new re-pricing model, set rule#44(a) to NO and this would stop the system feed new prices to seller central. Please see this link showing how you can assign an SKU to a specific re-pricing model.

Is there anyway to delete the reprice model I created?

Is there anyway to delete the reprice rule I created?

Yes, you may click on x mark above your repricing model name to delete a repricing model created.

How to create a new repricing model

Open Google Chrome
Login to
Click on 'Settings->Repricing->Repricing Model'
  1. Click on 'Copy' icon to the left of 'Repricing Model List'
  2. Once saved, you will see a new model created and displayed on the grid at the top left
  3. Click on the new repricing model created, and other attributes as desired.
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