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Inventory Feed Setup

At present, we support Inventory Management for Amazon USA/CA/UK/FR/DE/IT/ES/CN/IN,, eBay US/UK/DE selling venues. Other Ebay locales could be added as per your request.

Step 1)

Please make sure that desired Amazon or non-Amazon selling Channels are connected to ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues' section.

Step 2)

Enable option#3a, 4a under 'Settings-->Selling Venues' for appropriate Channels.

P.S: Option#4e could be check marked to download any newly added SKUs from Amazon or any other Channel as appropriate.


Step 3)

Before turning on Inventory Management feature we would need to setup baseline quantity. Meaning, the inventory quantity in ChannelMAX should be correct as per your warehouse quantity.

Base-lining could be done in two ways:

A) You may update correct quantity which is present in your warehouse to your Amazon Seller Central and we import these quantities from your Amazon Seller Central.

B) You may upload a file via Selling-->Inventory--> File Uploader to ChannelMAX. This file should consist of the following 3 columns:

SellingVenue (Should be populated with default selling venue)
Step 4)

Next, on a continuous basis how you would update the quantity to ChannelMAX? You can make use of either of the following ways to update:

1) Manual/Direct edit of quantity by searching a specific SKU under "Repricing" screen.
2) You may create a file and upload it using 'Inventory-->File Uploader' screen.
3) We can import quantities thru an FTP file.
Step 5)

Once, all these steps are completed, please notify us via support ticket, so that our admin team would schedule inventory feed function.

To notify us, you may even send an email to and our support team would assist you in configuring the rest of the setup.

Inventory Management Across Multiple Sites

To manage inventory ChannelMAX must be able to download orders from that site on your behalf. Suppose you want to manage inventory across eBay and Amazon, then ChannelMAX (behind the scene) first would download the orders from both Amazon and eBay, adjust the available quantity in ChannelMAX for the impacted SKUs and then net quantity after considering orders from both the channels and any manual change, will be fed back to the venues. For example,

  1. your quantity in ChannelMAX is 10
  2. you manually adjust the quantity to 12
  3. you sell 3 qty of SKU-123 on Amazon, net is now 9
  4. you sell 2 qty of SKU-123 on eBay, net is now 7
  5. now ChannelMAX will feed 7 to both Amazon and eBay
The first step
is to upload your file containing SKU, Selling Venue and Quantity to ChannelMAX. This step is extremely important as once you turn on inventory management using ChannelMAX, the quantity in ChannelMAX will be treated as master and will be fed to Amazon.
Check File Upload procedure here
The 2nd step
is to authenticate the Amazon sites for which inventory needs to be controlled
Please find the instructions in the following submenu
The 3rd step,
Once Authentication is complete for all the Amazon sites,
Please navigate to 'Selling Venues' in 'Settings' for each selling venue aka Channel, enable the following options by changing them to "Yes" and click on "Save Auto Fulfill Settings" under each section.
Option#3a 'Enable Order Download (Authentication Required)'
Option#4a 'Enable Inv Adjustment (Feed Inv Qty from ChannelMAX)'
Enabling option#4e would update the SKUs not in ChannelMAX from your Amazon Seller Central.


The 4th step,
ChannelMAX Administrator will then schedule the inventory Sync process. Once the process is set up, ChannelMAX will auto download your orders so that your inventory will automatically be subtracted from ChannelMAX. All you need to do is to keep your inventory count up to date in ChannelMAX, 'Repricing' screen.
The 5th step,
You can check historical record of your inventory quantity change using 'Reports-->Inventory-->Inventory Adj Report'.

Inventory integration between Amazon FBA and eBay

We have many sellers asking if ChannelMAX can keep eBay inventory in sync with the inventory quantity available on Amazon FBA for the same SKUs. Yes, ChannelMAX can do this.

ChannelMAX schedules a job that auto imports Amazon FBA inventory and update the downloaded qty into eBay. If the FBA SKU falls to zero qty, then we remove the listing from eBay and when the listing is back in FBA, the listing is re-listed. We will set up a job in the following sequence:  

  1. import all missing listings from eBay
  2. download latest FBA quantities from Amazon, say FBA SKU-1 has qty of 10, update that to ChannelMAX
  3. download eBay orders, if FBA SKU-1 sells one on eBay, the qty in CMax will be now 9.
  4. adjust eBay inventory, feed 9 for the FBA SKU-1 to eBay.
AMZNOrderD GET-FBA-ITEMS 9999,loginname,300,USD CMAX

Inventory Management Across Multiple Sites (Advanced)

As part of advanced inventory management, you may use ChannelMAX inventory allocation profile, found in 'Settings-->Inventory--> Inventory Profile'.

'Inventory Profile' screen helps you to control quantities across the marketplaces. Under Settings-->Inventory-->Inventory Profile page we have the following options to control quantities under each of the selling venues:

Buffer Quantity: How many less from 'Quantity In Stock' you want to allocate for this selling venue.

Allocation In Percent: How much percent of 'Quantity In Stock' you want to allocate for this selling venue. If this column value is configured with value -2.00, we will not be able to feed qty for this selling venue.

Qty Not More Than: Only applicable for 'Allocation in Percent'. Allocated qty will not exceed this value even if the percentage of 'Quantity In Stock' is higher than this value.

What to do when out of stock for EBay: If 'Set to High' is selected, the price is raised to 9876.54 and when it's restocked, price is lowered back to original price. That way you maintain sold-history. Or other options in the drop down is to raise your price to 3/5/9 times when it's restocked, no stock and lower it back to original price.

Lead Time to Ship: Select Lead time to ship record by marketplace.


Inventory Management Across Multiple Listings, same physical item


I have multiple listings of the same physical item on Amazon with SKUs such as: widget-a, widget-b and widget-c. Lets say I have qty 10 of this item - can your software make it so that each listing shows qty of each item then when any one of them sells, your software makes all 3 listings show qty 9? Thank you.


The answer is yes. This is how it's done in ChannelMAX.

  1. In ChannelMAX, we call these SKUs (widget-a, widget-b etc.) of the same physical item as sibling SKUs.
  2. As step-1, you will need to define a dummy SKU in ChannelMAX called "widget". This dummy SKU will be labelled as MasterSKU. This SKU will not be listed in Amazon or any other selling venue. It will simply be used as an umbrella to group the sibling SKUs.
  3. In step-2, you will define SKUs widget-a, widget-b and widget-c with "widget" as their master SKU, (see the screenshot below)
  4. When any one of the 3 SKUs sells, then all the sibling SKUs will be deducted with the sold quantity and quantity for all 3 SKUs will be re-adjusted back to the selling venue. In the above example, when widget-a sells 1, then it will subtract 1 from each of other two sibling SKUs and ChannelMAX will feed 14 for all 3 SKUs back to the selling venue.
  5. To update inventory quantity for all the siblings SKUs in one go, you need to simply update the inventory of master SKU and quantity will be propagated to the children SKUs.


(1) A01 is the master SKU, hence no MinSellingPrice or ASIN needed, but Title is needed
A01-A/A01-B/A01-C are the children of this master SKU A01,
hence MinSellingPrice, as well as ASIN, are needed, but Title is not needed
MasterSKUControlsInv is Y, meaning that if any of the siblings sells, qty is deducted from all.
MasterSKU is not selleable, hence ASIN is not present
(2)C-01 and D-01 are independent SKUs, and not part of any MasterSKU


I wanted to constantly keep inventory quantity of 5 in ChannelMAX?


Is there a way in ChannelMAX so that my quantity in Amazon always shows as a fixed number? For example, I always wanted to keep my quantity at 5 for specific SKUs.


Yes. ChannelMAX can help you in that. You will have first create a new folder in ChannelMAX and move your desired SKUs to that folder. Please email that folder name to ChannelMAX. ChannelMAX will set up the job.

Please understand the downside to it:

Say your actual inventory in 100. ChannelMAX keeps feeding 5 all the time to Amazon. If you sell out, ChannelMAX will still keep feeding until and unless you remove that SKU from that specific folder. So we recommend that you do this only if you have unlimited quantity.
The second drawback is that buyer may want to buy 10 pieces together, and if you maintain 5, you will potentially lose that sale.

Bundling of SKUs, unbundling while shipping


I want to know if there is an option in CM that allows us to sale bundles. Now we are selling 3 different items individually ( A, B, C ), but we created another SKU ( XX )that is a bundle of these 3 items . So when we sale the SKU ( XXX ) does it will automatically deduct these units.


Yes. To do this in ChannelMAX, you need to first define all the 4 SKUs, A, B, C and XX. Then search sku XX using 'Repricing'. In the invoked popup, fill SKUs A, B and C with the quantity of 1 and click on 'Save'. When SKU XX sells, the inventory 3 SKUs A, B or C are deducted by sold quantity. What is bundling..

What is needed for EBay inventory management ?

For ChannelMAX to manage inventory quantity for your eBay account:

  1. The first and foremost, you will need to make sure that "Custom Label" (aka SKU aka Merchant-SKU) assigned to your inventory in EBay. This can be done in many ways, one of them is EBay Selling Manager Pro, you may also use EBay turbo lister or Blackthorne.

Please see the screen shot below ..

  1. Once its assigned, you need to authenticate your EBay account in ChannelMAX. ChannelMAX
  2. Once authenticated, ChannelMAX will auto download your EBay inventory.
  3. Screenshot-1 demonstrates how it looks in EBay Selling Manager Pro
  4. Screenshot-2 demonstrates how for the same SKU, "EBay" and "Amazon" is captured within ChannelMAX






How to display "Custom Label" (aka Merchant SKU) column using "Selling Manager" in "Active Listings" page

  • Within your eBay account hover over the Activity tab and select Selling Manager.
  • Click to view all your eBay listings.
  • Click the "Customize" link on the top right corner of the active listings page
  • The "Customize active listings" window is displayed, check the Custom label box and then click Apply.
  • An additional column named "Custom label" is now displayed for your listings where you can edit listing SKUs one-by-one. Edit each product and save.
Note: eBay has a character limit of 50 characters for the custom label, but MUST keep it within 30 chars as other marketplaces allows less characters



How to add items to Amazon using ChannelMAX ?

  • ChannelMAX now have the ability to add new items to your Amazon Seller Central. This feature is enabled to Amazon locales such as Amazon US/UK/CA/IT/ES/DE/JP etc.. along with other non-Amazon locales such as eBay.
  • Earlier, every time when you add an item to Amazon, you had to do it by login to Amazon Seller Central and upload the information manually. But now, with ChannelMAX you have the ability to do the same work with the help of Selling-->Inventory--> File Uploader. Below is how you may go about it...
a) As a first step, create a file containing the following information in tab-delimited text format.
  • SKU
  • ASIN
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • SellingVenue
  • FBA (Optional)
PS: FBA column should have value Y for FBA SKUs and N for merchant fulfilled.
b) Once the file is created, you will have to upload it to ChannelMAX using 'Inventory --> File Uploader'.
c) In -->Account-->Settings, you may click on 'Selling Venues' and then click on the desired Selling Venue for which you would like to use this feature.
d) Then, change option#4d to "Yes", and click on 'Save Auto Fulfill Settings' to add new items to Amazon seller central. As a part of this feature, we can piggyback your listings on Amazon and not create new ASINs through this process/upload.

How to keep FBA qty up to date in EBay?

Following are the steps to keep EBay inventory in sync with Amazon FBA.
Please make sure that following options are configured in ChannelMAX.
a) In " -->Settings--> Selling Venues--> Ebay US", option#4a, 4e and 4F may be tick marked.
Please refer the image below.


b) Next, navigate -->Settings--> Selling Venues--> Amazon US (or any other appropriate Amazon locale) and ensure that options#5a is enabled by setting this option to "Yes" to auto sync FBA qty in ChannelMax.
Step -2:
Then, identify how many EBay SKUs are in ChannelMAX inventory and how many of them are FBA.
a) Login to
b) Click on "Repricing"
1 Click on 'FBA' filter just below green color 'GO' tab and refresh
2. Select ebay US (or any other as appropriate) on top right of the repricer screen
You may refer to the following screenshot.
Step - 3
Below is how to verify the quantity available for ebay and Amazon.
a. Search by SKU/ASIN in "Repricing" dashboard.
b. Click on + sign near SKU and expand
c. Click on 'Ads' tab
d. Note the Qty in CMAX
e. Click on 12 digit listing ID in 'Launched' column below 'H'.
PS: Clicking on the listing ID will direct you to ebay product info page for that specific SKU.
Now, match the quantity available in ebay, which should be matching with the qty displayed in CMAX inventory.
For the items already ended in Ebay and with FBA qty > 0, we would NOT re-list because duration (aka Days) for those listings are "10 days", it should be GTC (Good Till Canceled) in Days column.


How to update Re-Order quantity

A) You may update the "Re-Order" quantity by uploading a file to ChannelMAX via "Selling-->Inventory --> File Uploader" screen. The file may have the following columns.
a. SKU
b. SellingVenue (Should be populated with appropriate SellingVenue)
c. ReOrder Quantity
B) Another option is to update "Re-Order" quantity manually in ChannelMAX Inventory by following the steps provided below.
Open Google Chrome or FireFox
Log into
Click on "Repricing"
1. Search by SKU or ASIN
2. Click on pencil icon under column 'Qty'
3. Input appropriate value in "Reord.Qty"
4. Click on "Save".
PS: If quantity (green color) in ChannelMAX Inventory falls below Reorder quantity, email alert will be generated.

How to Search the SKUs with certain Re-Order quantity

1. Login to
2. Click on "Repricing"
3. Click 'Filter-->SKU Filter'
4. Tick mark the option 'Below Reorder level'
5. Click on 'OK' to view the results


When does the inventory related CHANGE get updated

a) Whatever the changes take place in inventory i.e when the sale happens in eBay/Amazon or any other Selling venues or the master qty is adjusted in inventory is updated every 30 minutes or as per your inventory feed frequency configured.
b) This is reflected in "Inventory Adjustment Report" which is shown when clicked on green color Master Qty in Inventory.

How to add Child SKUs to Master SKUs

A) Open Google Chrome
B) Login to
C) Click on "Repricing"
1) Search by SKU (that is, the SKU which need to be considered as MasterSKU)
2) Click on "N" under column 'V' (Variation(Master) Detail)
3) Enter the SKU which need to be associated with MasterSKU
3) Click on "Add to Master SKU"
4) Click on 'Yes' in the Confirmation panel as shown below.



P.S: The SKU which need to be considered as Child SKU must already be present in CMAX inventory to associate with MasterSKU.

How to edit Min/Max values in 'Master SKU Panel'

Search by MasterSKU in 'Repricing' screen
1. Click on 'M' under column 'V' Variation(Master) Detail
2. Click on pencil icon
3. Enter new Min/Max values, repricing model or inventory profile or MAP or Actual Shipping Cost
4. Click on 'Save'.



How to set Master SKU Inventory Control

Search by MasterSKU in ' Repricing' dashboard.
1. Click on'M' under column 'V' Variation(Master) Detail
2. In the new master SKU panel opened, click on value Y under column Q
3. You may choose 'Qty is controlled by Master SKU' to control qty of child skus. This is the default setting
4. You may choose 'Qty is not controlled by Master SKU' if you do not want a specific child SKU qty controlled with it's MasterSKU qty.
5. You may choose 'Remove this SKU from this MasterSKU' to disassociate child SKU from MasterSKU.
6. You may choose any of these 3 options and click on 'ok' to save the changes.


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