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Amazon Search (Simple)

You may use this simple UPC Search tool to find/generate a report from Amazon on demand. Below steps shows how you can manually find the results for ASIN Search using this 'UPC Search-->Search' tab.

1) Choose the 'Site' as desired.
Note: You can get the results only if these sites(aka marketplaces) are connected under Settings-->Selling Venues section with appropriate Amazon merchant ID.
2) Choose exact search parameter, such as ASIN, UPC, EAN,Keyword
3) Enter the values in text field
4) Click 'Search Amazon'

P.S: Similarly, you can make use of other search parameters such as EAN, UPC, Keyword as appropriate.

File: Websearch_Search.png

File Upload (via Search tab)

If you have a few hundreds of ASINs or UPCs to be searched on Amazon, you may upload a file in tab delimited text format containing 2 columns, ASIN and SKU or UPC and SKU or Keyword and SKU.

When you prepare the file for uploading, please make sure that the first column(column A) value is always the search parameter that is, ASIN/UPC/EAN/Keyword and the second column(column B) should have SKU values.

Once the file is prepared, you may choose appropriate 'Site' on Amazon and then upload this file by clicking on 'File Upload-->Search Amazon'.


When this search process is completed, you may download the results into a text file using 'Download-->Add All-->Download to a text delimited file'.

File: Search_download.png

Please note, when you perform this search, if your application is timed out or the internet is disconnected or you log out of ChannelMAX application for some reason, the search process that is running would be terminated. If any of these situation arises, you will have to restart the process with the new upload. If you intend to do bulk search with thousands of records, you may use alternate bulk search Run In Background.

Bulk Search

You may use bulk Amazon search either by using 'Run In background' tab under 'UPC Search' tool or using FTP method.

Bulk Search using Run In Background tab

<p> Now we have an enhanced method to perform this search under UPC Search using Run In Background tab. This process as the name suggest runs on background and you need not keep the web screen open to complete this search. Once you upload any of the search files, such as ASIN/UPC/Keyword, process will run in background and once completed, resultant file link will be generated under 'Output' column with R link. You would also get a copy of this result file to your email address saved in your account under Settings--> Account Info page with the link such as

Below is how are the steps involved in this setup;

Click on UPC Search icon within ChannelMAX Unified and then on "Run in Background" tab.
Select the appropriate selling venue.
Under 'Type' column click on Choose next to ASIN and select the search file from your computer which is created as a .zip file.
Click on Initiate.
Once the search is complete you would see the timestamp under "EndTime" column.
Click on 'Output' column to download the resultant file.

When this search file is prepared, please make a note of the following points:

1. First column(Column A) in the file should be SKU and second column (Column B) should be UPC or ASIN or Keyword.
2. Each of the file name that you upload should be in the the format {loginname}-{type} login name is demo001 and for ASIN search, file name should be
3. After creating the files as above, the file should be saved in tab delimited text format and then zipped before uploading the file to ChannelMAX as per point#3 provided above.
4. Once the file is processed, resultant file is emailed to your ID stored in ChannelMAX under Settings-->Account Info page and you can open this file as shown in this link.

You may refer to the following screenshots for better understanding. File:CMaxWebsearch-V2-Choose-Upload1.png File:CMaxWebsearch-V2-Running.png File:CMaxWebsearch-V2-Complete.png File:CMaxWebsearch-V2-Output-Download.png File: ASIN_Search_Result_File.png

Alternate FTP method

This is an alternate option for bulk search. ChannelMAX allows you to mass search Amazon for a list of UPCs through FTP process. Below are the steps to setup this FTP search.

Please obtain following FTP credentials from your web-hosting company.
FTP Login ID
FTP Password
Login to
Click on 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP'
Input FTP details in Section -2 Inventory Download Info
Click on 'Save'
You may validate FTP details using Net2FTP


Create a tab delimited text file named [channelmaxloginname]_upc.txt containing the following two columns
  • SKU
  • UPC


1) When a file is prepared ensure that column A has SKU and column B has UPC for UPC Search.
2) SKU and ASIN columns for ASIN Search, SKU and EAN for EAN Search, SKU and Keyword for Keyword search.
3) File naming should be as below:
[channelmaxloginname]_upc.txt for UPC Search UPC Search Template
[channelmaxloginname]_asin.txt for ASIN Search ASIN Search Template
[channelmaxloginname]_ean.txt for EAN Search EAN Search Template
[channelmaxloginname]_keywordsearch.txt for Keyword Search Keyword Search Template
Put this file in your FTP location, not in any sub-directory.
At the same level where the file in step 3 is uploaded, two folders should be created:
Processed: Once the file is processed, it will be moved here
Inbound: The resultant file will be uploaded to this folder

Once the above 5 steps are completed, please contact ChannelMAX via support ticket and our administrator will setup a job on ChannelMAX's server to process this file. File: UPCSearch_Schedule.png

When the UPC Search report is generated, you would receive the file containing the following columns; 1) UserID, 2) LoginName, 3) Site, 4) MerchantSKU, 5) UserCustom1, 6) UserCustom2, 7)UPC, 8)EAN, 9)Category, 10) Binding, 11)ASIN, 12) Manufacturer, 13) Mpn, 14) Model, 15) Width, 16) Length, 17) Height, 18) ListPrice, 19)SalesRank, 20) TotalOffers, 21)BuyBoxSellerName, 22) :BuyBoxPrice, 23) BuyBoxShipping, 24) Amazon-Like-Price, 25) Title, 26)ImageUrl, 27) Description, 28) Feature1, Feature2 etc.. upto 5 features, :lowest 5 sellers information like Seller names, Condition, Price, shipping and few other additional information would be captured in the output file. This is how the result file will look like. File: Result_File.png

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