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How to update MinSellingPrice using File Uploader

When you use ChannelMAX Repricer sometimes, you may want to change the MinSellingPrice (aka Cost/Min or bottom price) for some of the SKUs present in ChannelMAX 'Inventory' dashboard. It may be for various reasons like you would like to clear the stock quickly or to become more competitive in the market. You may refer the following steps just to modify your MinSellingPrice without making any other changes to the values present in 'Selling-->Inventory-->File Uploader' dashboard for specific SKUs.

To do this partial update, you may create a tab delimited text file containing the following 3 columns and upload this file via 'File Uploader'.

a) SKU
b) Selling Venue
c) MinSellingPrice
  • Please remember that in a partial update two columns i.e, SKU and SellingVenue are mandatory fields.
  • SKU column in the file should contain the SKUs which required to be changed, set desired Selling Venue such as AmazonUS, AmazonUK, AmazonFR etc.. then, enter the new MinSellingPrice for the desired SKUs.
  • When the upload is complete, the changes may be verified in "Repricing" screen.
You may refer this image below to better understand the file structure... Make sure that the inventory file is created in Excel Spreadsheet and then saved as Tab delimited text file before uploading to ChannelMAX.

File:Update MinSellingPrice Unified-Inventory.jpg


How to change Repricing Model ID using File Uploader

Many times you may want ChannelMAX to use different Repricing Models for certain SKUs present in our 'Repricing' screen. When you would like to change the Repricing Models for multiple SKUs, it is time-consuming to do them one by one. Hence, ChannelMAX has made it easy to accomplish this requirement by uploading a file containing the desired change. This file should contain the following columns

a) SKU
b) SellingVenue
c) RepricingModelID

'SKU' column should have the SKUs which need to be modified, 'SellingVenue' column should have an appropriate value such as 'AmazonUS' or 'AmazonUK' and 'RepricingModelID' column should have the repricing model ID, which is present under 'Settings --> Repricing --> Repricing Model' page.

Please keep in mind column 'RepricingModelID' should contain the repricing model ID and NOT the name of the repricing model. Please refer this image below.


File:RepricingmodelID-file uploader.jpg


How to Change Repricer Model at Site Level

We can update/change the repricing model at Site Level by uploading a tab-delimited text file to ChannelMAX via the "Inventory-->File Uploader" screen. The file that you upload should consist of the following column headers, populated with appropriate values;


Partial upload for other changes

Apart from the above, you may also use ChannelMAX 'File Uploader' icon to update the changes related to MaxSellingPrice/Quantity/Purchase Price/MAP/FolderID etc.

Each File upload MUST contain two mandatory columns i.e, SKU and SellingVenue. Another column could be the one which require change like MaxSellingPrice or Quantity or FolderID with appropriate values populated against the SKUs.

Further, as per the instruction above for changing Repricing Model ID or MinSellingPrice, the inventory file need to be prepared in Excel Spreadsheet and then save in Tab delimited text file format to upload to ChannelMAX.

File Upload: Mass Delete

Please upload a file to ChannelMAX (via File Uploader) containing these three column headers:

  • SKU
  • FolderID
  • SellingVenue

In the SKU column, put the SKU you want to delete, in the 'FolderID' column, put the literal 'Trash'(or folder ID of Trash folder), in 'SellingVenue' column populate desired SellingVenue value such as AmazonUK or AmazonUS as appropriate then, save the file in tab-delimited text format and upload to ChannelMAX using File Uploader.

How to delete the SKUs assigned to multiple Selling Venues?

For repricing you may assign same SKUs in multiple Selling venues if you are selling the same physical item in different Amazon locales. Now, at times you may require that when you do not wish to reprice the SKUs in a specific Selling Venue you may do so by removing the min and max values associated with it. When you remove them, as you would still want to sell the items in another Amazon locale, we would not completely move the SKUs to 'Trash', instead only the min-max values would be emptied and SKU would still remain in 'Inventory' dashboard. You may upload a file containing the following columns to delete the SKUs associated with multiple selling venues. The upload file should contain following 3 mandatory columns...

1. SKU
2. Detach
3. SellingVenue

In the 'SKU' column, put the SKU you want to delete, in the 'Detach' column, put 'Y' to delete the SKU and populate 'SellingVenue' column with appropriate Selling Venue from which you want to delete SKUs.

Note:: Value Y in 'Detach' column represents 'Yes' to detach SKU and 'N' represent not to detach SKU.

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