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FBA Converter to Ebay

This page explains to setup your ChannelMAX account to auto add FBA items to eBay. We do list nonFBA SKUs too. This process will do everything for you (unless you want to overwrite any info). ChannelMAX would gather information (including images) and list the items on eBay. Once listed, ChannelMAX would manage the listing's price and quantity. Additionally, if you opt for, ChannelMAX would auto convert eBay orders to Amazon MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfillment). It's all automatic, your time required in this whole process is negligible. You only keep selling in FBA. This way it would help you maximize your returns for the FBA listings sold on Amazon.

Step 1)

Please make sure that your desired Amazon Channel is connected to ChannelMAX under Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues with FBA import option#5 enabled. Here is the help link to add Amazon selling venue.

Step 2)

Please make sure that your eBay account is also connected to ChannelMAX as per the following steps:
Click on Settings --> Account --> Selling Venues--> eBay US (or eBay UK) --> Click on "Authenticate" and complete the rest, its self guided
Step 3)

Once your eBay account is connected and the token is updated in ChannelMAX, we would enable Data Collection process to download images, descriptions, bullet points etc from Amazon. Please note that it is a slow process and may take time to download this info if you have a number of FBA listings on your Amazon account.

Step 4)

Once data collection is completed, we need the following options enabled (set to Yes) under 'Settings-->Selling Venues' for eBay US (or eBay UK).

4(a). Enable Inv.Adjustment
4(d). Enable Add New Item
4(e). Auto download nonFBA SKUs not in ChannelMax
Step 5)

When the above 4 steps are completed, we will validate your account and provide you sample listings for review. For providing sample eBay listings we would need the following details saved in your account under 'Settings-->Listing-->Profile'.

a. Your Paypal email ID.
b. Shipping amount for each eBay listing created.
c. Your State and ZIP code
d. Price on eBay

P.S: By default, ChannelMAX would create eBay listings by taking the max price from Amazon row for the same item.

Step 6)

You have the option to modify the templates under 'Settings-->Listing-->Templates' area as per your requirement to change your return policies, shipping terms etc... Once you make these changes, please do alert us via Support ticket.

Step 7)

When we get a confirmation from you to add rest of the items, our Admin team would complete the setup to add all active FBA items on eBay.

Step 8)

Once the listings are created on eBay, you may view the number of listings added by ChannelMAX under 'Inventory-->EBay Listing Ads' and select 'Listed by CMAX' checkbox.

Step 9)

When we list/upload items to your eBay account, any errored SKUs status could be checked by filtering them using 'Add Error' counts and the description of the error is displayed under "Status" column. Once this list of errored SKUs is downloaded, you may make appropriate changes and upload a file back to ChannelMAX using 'File Uploader' screen. So that, we will try to add them again.

Normally, we get the following errors when listings are created on eBay:

  • Title more than 80 char=111
  • Enter a value in UPC and try again.
  • STOP Error: You've reached the number of items (0) and amount ($0.00) you can list this month. Err:
  • The category is not valid, select another category
  • Missing Req cat attr: Brand

You may take following actions for each of these errors.

1) For the SKUs with title length over 80 characters, you may upload a file to ChannelMAX with the following column headers with Title column value less than 80 characters, including spaces.

  • SKU
  • SellingVenue (should have default selling venue such as AmazonUS or AmazonUK)
  • ListingTitle

2) For the SKUs with missing UPC code, need to upload a file to ChannelMAX using 'File Uploader' screen in tab-delimited text format with the following details.

  • SKU
  • Selling Venue (should have default selling venue such as AmazonUS or AmazonUK)
  • UPC

3) You would get 'STOP Error' message when your account is hit with eBay selling limit. You will have to revise your selling limit to add more items on eBay by contacting eBay Support.

4) When 'category is not valid' error is generated, it means that the SKUs are not added to appropriate eBay category and sub-category. Normally this issue would come in as we auto download category and sub-category from Amazon and as same is uploaded back to eBay. There may be some categories, which may be missing on eBay. To correct this issue, you will have to upload a file to ChannelMAX with the following columns to overwrite the category and we will be able to add those SKUs to eBay. This uploading file should be in the following format

  • SKU
  • SellingVenue (column should have value EbayUS)
  • CategoryID (numeric ID)

5) We believe you are already aware that starting from June 29, 2015 eBay made it compulsory to link each listing created with product identifiers such as Universal Product Code (UPC), Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), Item's Brand and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN). For books ISBN, International Standard Book Number is required information. Therefore, if your listings to be created are not linked with any of these values, eBay upload would display an error that Brand name or MPN or UPC are needed.

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