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:3) On '''Settings''' menu, click on ''Consumer IDs & Private Keys'' under '''API'''
:3) On '''Settings''' menu, click on ''Consumer IDs & Private Keys'' under '''API''', click on  '''Walmart Developer Portal''' to generate API keys

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1) As a first step, please login


2) Please input your Walmart login email & password as displayed in the following image


3) On Settings menu, click on Consumer IDs & Private Keys under API, click on Walmart Developer Portal to generate API keys


4) Client ID & Secret ID is displayed as shown in the following image.

Walmart Listing Management

We are glad to inform you that ChannelMAX could now be used as a listing tool to create listings on Walmart. For listing to Walmart, UPC is preferred. If the UPC or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) already exists on Walmart, it's easier to load to Walmart as we can just match them, else we need more data such as images, description, category, product attributes etc to create listings. Therefore, if you do not have UPCs or GTINs, we can work with you to custom setup your store as per your individual requirement. Hence, if you wish to proceed with this setup, as per the above link please save your Walmart Key IDs in ChannelMAX and then complete the following steps.
a) As a first step, create a file consisting of the following information in tab-delimited text format. Here is a sample file.
1. SKU
2. UPC
3. Quantity
4. Price
5. SellingVenue
b) When the file is ready/created, please upload it to ChannelMAX using 'Selling-->Inventory--> File Uploader' as pointed in this image link
c) Next, in ' --> Settings-->Account', you may click on 'Selling Venues' and then click on 'Walmart US'
d) As a next step, enable option#4d by setting this option to "Yes" as shown in the following image, scroll down and click on 'Save Autofulfill Settings'.
e) Once you complete the above steps, please notify us via Support ticket in order to complete the rest of the admin setup for you.

File:Walmart Listing.png

Walmart Repricer

If you wish to use Walmart Repricer, please complete the following steps after connecting your marketplace as per Authentication section.
1) As a next step, in 'Settings --> Account --> Selling Venue --> Walmart US', you may enable(tick mark) option#2(A), 2(G) & 4(e) and save the changes by clicking on " Save Settings " at the bottom of the page to enable the Repricer.
2) In, please navigate to "Settings-->Repricing-->Repricng Model" and click on "Copy", and name it as 'WalmartUS-Default'.
3) Next, in "Settings-->Repricing-->Schedules" page, please add a new Repricer schedule by clicking on "Create a new schedule" and choosing venue as "WalmartUS".
4) We can setup comparative Walmart Repricer and match your price against lowest offer on Walmart. However, Walmart has API limit, we can do 100K Search using API calls per day. If you have thousands of SKUs, using hybrid option, we can feed Amazon prices to Walmart when Walmart Search API calls are exhausted.
5) To use this hydrid option, in 'WalmartUS-Default' repricing model, we need rule#54b macro "MyTotalInAmazon:0.00" configured under "Unified-->Settings-->Advanced-->Seller" tab.
When above steps are completed, you may let us know via support ticket or email to for validation.

Walmart Inventory Management

If you are looking for enabling inventory feed function, then please connect and then in 'Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues-->Walmart US' you may enable(set to 'Yes') options#4a, 4e and 3a, save the changes by clicking on " Save Auto fulfill Settings " at the end of each section.

When above step is completed, please let us know via support ticket or email to for validation and completion of the rest of the setup.

How you can find seller ID on Walmart from ChannelMAX

1) Open Google Chrome or FireFox
2) Login to
3) Click on "Repricing"
4) Change Selling Venue on top right of the screen to "Walmart" i.e., Wmt US
5) Click on the ID link, just below SKU name to navigate to Walmart site for that specific item
6) Click on the seller name
7) In the URL, seller ID would display and this ID should be matched back to the "SellerID" value saved in ChannelMAX under "Selling Venues".


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