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What is Fulfilling Orders using FBA from other selling venues?

Amazon FBA can fulfill your orders from other selling venues such as eBay and Rakuten using your inventory stored at an Amazon fulfillment center. ChannelMAX utilizes this Amazon FBA feature using their FWS API to auto convert non-Amazon orders to Amazon FBA. ChannelMAX can automatically download your orders from non-Amazon sites and convert them into Amazon FBA orders to be shipped by Amazon fulfillment centers. Once FBA creates the label and assigns the tracking number, ChannelMAX will import the details and feed the tracking number back to the non-Amazon selling venue where the order was placed by the buyer. This feature is well documented in Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment documentation.

What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment is Amazon's service to enable you to fulfill orders from sales channels other than using the inventory that you have stored in the Amazon fulfillment center.

With Multi-Channel Fulfillment, you can submit order fulfillment requests to Amazon using either a simple Web form or a flat file upload (for bulk requests).

When you submit fulfillment requests for Multi-Channel Fulfillment, you include the buyer's address, shipping instructions (including the method/ship speed for Amazon to use), and even a customized note to the buyer on the packing slip.

When using Multi-Channel Fulfillment, Amazon will charge you for the cost of shipping. Prices for Multi-Channel Fulfillment vary depending on the item and the shipping method used for fulfillment. FBA Manual 3.0 Fulfillment by Amazon Pricing.

eBay order conversion to Amazon FBA thru MCF

Below are the steps that need to be completed to set up.

1) First, you need to make sure that your eBay SKUs(aka Custom Labels) are matched back to your FBA SKUs.

2) As a next step, you will have to connect your eBay account in ChannelMAX as per the following steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer or FireFox (ideally IE)
  • Login
  • Click on Settings --> Account --> Selling Venues--> eBay US (or eBay UK) --> Click on "Authenticate" and complete the rest, its self-guided.

3) Next, under "Settings--> Selling Venues" for the desired eBay venue please enable the following options as appropriate:

  • 3(a). Enable Order Download.
  • 3(c). Enable Ship Confirm
  • 4(a). Enable Inv Adjustment (Feed Inv Qty from ChannelMAX,) Optional, needed only if you want us to feed FBA qty to eBay
  • 4(f). Limit inv management only to FBA SKUs
  • 4(e) and 4(ev). To download any new SKUs created in the marketplace

4) Further, option#6a, 6c, and 6f need to be configured under 'Selling Venues' for eBay venue.

  • 6(a). Fulfillment Amazon Selling Venue.
  • 6(c). Convert to FBA only Approved SKUs
  • 6(f). Convert eBay Global Shipping Orders to MCF.

P.S: These are admin setup and you will have to notify us to enable/disable them via Support ticket.

5) By default, ChannelMAX would move/convert all non-Amazon orders downloaded to FBA if your listing is linked to Amazon FBA SKU. If you wish to select only specific SKUs for conversion, please enable option#"6(c). Convert to FBA only Approved SKUs" and then choose the desired SKUs as below.

Authentication needed to converting EBay orders to Amazon FBA

  1. If its Buy.COM, you view this Wiki help link.

Choosing to convert all orders to Amazon FBA and/or only selected SKUs

In ChannelMAX, you can choose orders for all SKUs to convert to Amazon Fulfillment or only for selected SKUs. If you want to convert only selected SKUs, please do this
  1. Login to
  2. Click on "Repricing"
  3. Search the SKU that you want to select for auto conversion
  4. Click on the + icon to expand it, it will show you the "Detail" tab.
  5. Change "Auto FulFill Approved" to "Yes" under "MCF Special Instruction"
  6. Click on "Save".
  7. Please note that when you select a specific SKU for conversion, only the order associated with that SKU will be auto-converted to FBA. If none of the SKUs are selected, all eBay orders will be moved to FBA for conversion as long as your eBay custom labels matched back to Amazon FBA SKU.



How ChannelMAX processes

FBA Conversion is the process of converting a non-BA order to an FBA order. Non-FBA orders are the orders that come from selling venues other than Amazon, like eBay, etc. Let us take Ebay selling venue as an example here. Following steps will explain how FBA conversion works:

  1. When an order is placed by the customer on eBay, ChannelMAX will download the order from eBay.
  2. It is very important to mention here that only those orders from non-Amazon sites will be converted to FBA, for which SKU has a 100% match between FBA and non-FBA selling venue.
  3. ChannelMAX automatically converts the order into an FBA order.
  4. The new FBA order is logged into Amazon.
  5. Amazon dispatches this order to the customer and updates the tracking number.
  6. ChannelMAX grabs the tracking number from Amazon FBA and updates it in ChannelMAX. Subsequently, tracking number is fed back to order originating selling venue which in our example is eBay.
  7. ChannelMAX performs this process every hour.
Format of the order-id that shows up on Amazon
Selling Venue Name + "-" + SellingVenueOrderID + "-cMAX";
Example EBAY-1234568901234-cMAX

Selling VenueName examples:

  1. EBAY
  2. AMZN
  3. YHOO
  4. HALF
  6. PGRB (PriceGrabber)
  7. OSCM (OS Commerce)
  8. VOLU (Volusion)
  9. MGNT (Magento)
  10. ASPD (ASP DotNet StoreFront)

Shipping Speed selected when orders are converted

There are three (3) shipping speed categories that are available while fulfilling an item using AFN (Amazon Fulfillment Network, FBA). You may view it in this in this Amazon WSDL and look for "ShippingSpeedCategory". These are the ones that are published by Amazon as on Jan-31-2012.

US domestic:

Standard = 3-5 business days
Expedited = 2 business days
Priority = 1 business day
However Shipping speeds may vary in order originating selling venues such as EBay or Buy.COM. So ChannelMAX deploys the following conversion mechanism. You may refer to this document to find what shipping speed will be selected for orders from other selling venues.
string strHowToShipDescr = get the column value "Cmax-ResourceName" this document.
string strHowToShip = "Standard";
if ((strHowToShipDescr.ToLower().IndexOf("express") > -1) ||
(strHowToShipDescr.ToLower().IndexOf("expedi") > -1))
strHowToShip = "Expedited";
if (strHowToShipDescr.ToLower().IndexOf("priorit") > -1)
strHowToShip = "Priority";

Misc questions


When an item is ordered on eBay and shown as “no inventory” on Amazon FBA, do I need to input the order manually when the inventory is available in FBA or will ChannelMAX convert the order to Amazon FBA automatically?

Ans: It will try to convert the eBay order to Amazon FBA (MCF) order for next 5 days. After the 5th day, you will have to manually fulfill the order. Before you do it manually, please check the order status in ChannelMAX so that no duplicate fulfillment happens.


Does ChannelMAX convert international orders from originating selling venue to FBA?

Ans: Sorry .. currently no.


Can we convert the orders from non-Amazon locales to Amazon FBA when FBA quantity= 1?

Ans: Yes.. we can convert the orders as long as FBA inventory is >0.


What happens if an order is received from non-Amazon locales when there is no stock in FBA?

Ans: We would not convert the orders to FBA. Hence, you will have to manually fulfill such orders.

Converting eBay order to Amazon FBA manually ?


How do I manually convert eBay order to FBA from ChannelMAX? In other words, let say an order has no inventory and comes in 9 days later. How do I convert manually from ChannelMAX?


You may install ChannelMAX Client (shipping manager), download the orders, select the desired and click on 'Convert to FBA'.

How to convert nonFBA SKUs orders from eBay, Buy etc. to Amazon MCF?

You may now be able to automatically convert your merchant fulfilled SKUs order from Ebay/ etc.. to Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment as detailed below.
Open Google Chrome
Login to
Click on "Repricing"
1. Search the SKU (the nonFBA one)
2. Click on [+] sign to expand
3. In the Details tab, input the FBA SKU under "Fulfillment SKU" with "Auto Fulfill Approved" tick marked
4. Click on save.
Please refer the image attached.


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